Do cool shit. Live the Adventure.

About the Adventurer

Hello! I’m Ben. Welcome to my journey!

I am not going to go into too many details of my life story. Don’t worry: it was not that exciting! You see, until about year 33 of my life I had done very little exploring. As I blog about my travels, surely some of my past will become apparent. From a city dwelling homebody, overweight and out of shape, to an outdoor lover, explorer, still overweight but in better shape, this will be a chronicle of my journeys.

The focus of my travels are now on the National Parks of the United States. That being said, any cool shit I do is going to be detailed in here. I am new to the world of blogging (I did a blog in college; that was a long time ago!) and I am sure to not have the best looking blog anyone has ever seen, at least not for awhile. Also, I will be doing some catch up on some of my older (but sporadic) travels. This blog is mainly for me to chronicle my travels. Please be sure to click on the Youtube, Facebook, and Insta links at the top for other content, and please like and subscribe, if you can!! If you are reading, thanks for your time and attention!

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