Indiana Dunes National Park, IN August 2004

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So, here we have another one that I visited long ago! I was near the Dunes for a wedding in 2004 with a buddy who made the drive with me. Note: This was a National Seashore at the time I was there. I remember that it was simple to get to from the road, it was windy AF, and for August, it was pretty DAMN CHILLY. That being said, there is absolutely no place in Indiana anything like this at all. The dunes themselves were quite the anomaly; one does not really associate Indiana with sand, or really beaches at all! Also, the area outside of the Dunes themselves, but still part of the park is quite different from the rest of the state as well. Neat place. Bonus: pretty killer views of the Chicago skyline across the lake! I do not anticipate a return visit there, but who knows! I would guess it’s an hour train ride from the city. The headline picture is not mine. If I took pictures while I was there, who knows!

Indiana Dunes Becomes Indiana's First National Park | Midwest Living
Some of the non dunes part of the park. Again, photo is not mine.
A view of Chicago From the Treetops a Indiana Dunes | Flickr - Photo  Sharing! | Indiana dunes national lakeshore, Skyline silhouette, Indiana  dunes
Chicago skyline from the Dunes. Not my photo.

Overall impressions
Pros: A great view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, a surprisingly non Mid-West and definitely non-Indiana looking environment, great bird watching, and easily is accessible from Chicago (there is a stop on the train there). 
Cons: It is still in Indiana. It was actually pretty chilly even in August. It’s not terribly scenic as there is a lot of industrial areas surrounding this very small park. There is not a lot to do unless you want a day at the beach, and a cold one at that!

The Adventurer Final Word:
Two Stars. This one is good if you are in Chicago or the barren wasteland that is northeastern Indiana and need a quick escape to some nature.

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