Bark Ranger Trip, June 2022

NPS Unit count: 54 Hey there adventurers! Hot on the heels of my epic Alaska adventure, it was time for Bark Ranger Bella to do some exploring! My mother, in Indiana, was closing on a house and moving, so Bella and I went up there, but took some side adventures to and fro! BE SUREContinue reading “Bark Ranger Trip, June 2022”

Alaska, June 2022. Part 3.Days 5/6

Hey adventurers! Thanks for checking out this multi-part series on my most recent trip to Alaska! If you made it through all of them, awesome, and thanks!! If not, and you are interested, you can check out the first two parts of the trip here and here and also my entry on Kenai Fjords NationalContinue reading “Alaska, June 2022. Part 3.Days 5/6”

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH. Apr 2021

National Parks Counter: 19 Hello Adventurers! Situated in a decidedly not “national parky” spot edging Akron and just 20 minutes or so south of Cleveland is a nice little piece of nature called Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is a park that has an unusual history! This whole area is settled and dotted with smallContinue reading “Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH. Apr 2021”

Arizona. Sonoma/Petrified Forest National Park/Saguaro National Park/Tucson/Mt. Lemmon. Mar, 2021

National Parks Counter: 17, 18 Trip number two of the 2021 year occurred in March. My Sidekick and I hopped on yet another Southwest flight out west! Our target this time: Arizona. Specifically we were planning on checking out Sedona for an afternoon en route to Holbrook, AZ which is the closest town to PetrifiedContinue reading “Arizona. Sonoma/Petrified Forest National Park/Saguaro National Park/Tucson/Mt. Lemmon. Mar, 2021”

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Dog Road Trip. Nov, 2020

National Parks Counter: 15 My girl dog Bella did so well on the road trip to Columbus and Providence Canyon, GA that I decided to take her on a much longer trip just a week later! I was going to drive to see my mother for Thanksgiving with Bella. We took a roundabout trip throughContinue reading “Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Dog Road Trip. Nov, 2020”

Christmas in the Caymans, 2019

So this was the last 2019 trip! You might be wondering how on earth a teacher affords all this! Well, almost all of these flights were free with my Sidekicks companion pass on Southwest and she had accumulated enough points from that perk (a credit card offer) to basically make almost all the flights expensesContinue reading “Christmas in the Caymans, 2019”

Macy’s Parade, NYC, Nov. 2019

Whoo! Lots of fun stuff in 2019! So, I am a pro musician and trumpet player down in Florida. In my area there is an adult marching band. It is mainly much older people than me and just more amatuer level than anything. It is also about 500 strong and they travel the world. IContinue reading “Macy’s Parade, NYC, Nov. 2019”

Colorado. Salida/Great Sand Dunes National Park/Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park/Telluride/Denver. July 2019

National Parks Counter: 11, 12 Right off the bat, this is probably one my favorite trips, so far. I was with the Sidekick, we saw 2 national parks, almost every area of the state, and did LOTS OF COOL SHIT. Stops included: a wolf rescue, Great Sand Dunes National Park, whitewater rafting in Buena Vista,Continue reading “Colorado. Salida/Great Sand Dunes National Park/Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park/Telluride/Denver. July 2019”

Miami/Everglades National Park/Biscayne National Park/Islamorada. Feb. 2019

National Park Count 7,8 I might have mentioned at the beginning of the blog that I would try to keep everything in some semblance of order. Done pretty well so far! However, I forgot this one. And it’s going to be a short one. The FIRST trip of a very travel heavy 2019. The friendContinue reading “Miami/Everglades National Park/Biscayne National Park/Islamorada. Feb. 2019”

California. San Francisco/Santa Rosa/Sonoma/Napa/Muir Woods. June 2019

The New Orleans crew, dog included (well traveled dog!) had already booked this California trip before we booked that New Orleans trip I believe! Destination: wine country! As a prelude I will say that I really had to idea what to expect from this trip! I had never been to California before. I did notContinue reading “California. San Francisco/Santa Rosa/Sonoma/Napa/Muir Woods. June 2019”