New Orleans, March 2019

The beginning of 2019 brought some new travel opportunities! My bff Nicki (from here on out, the Adventurer Sidekick) got a sweet deal with a Chase Southwest credit card. For a little spending within a set time period she got a decent chunk of points with Southwest and a companion pass for the rest of the year! Translation: she got a super awesome travel opportunity and I got to tag along! Our first trip was to the big easy, NOLA, with Nicki’s pup Charlie, and our friend Katie! This was my first time here. *There may be some slightly inappropriate pictures in here…it is NOLA after all!*

This was a spring break trip, second half of a week in mid march. We got into town, no rental car, just uber/lyfted or used the street car stop close to the AirBnb. So we got situated and headed out! First stop was a snack and beverage at a staple called the Columns. Seems like a swank little place on St. Charles Ave.

The friends in front of the Columns. Photo by the Adventurer.

From there we found a roof top bar called Hot Tin and checked that out. Killer views of the city from here!

View of Nola from Hot Tin taken by the Adventurer.
Some interesting curtains in the Hot Tin bar….

Now for the rest of this trip…there was a lot of good food, drinking, late nights, and some awesome music! One restaurant of note was the Court of Two Sisters where I had some delicious baked oysters. I also found some tasty…but how the hell do you eat these? boiled crawfish.

Delicious oysters at this restaurant, taken by the Adventurer.
These probably would have been much better had I any clue how to eat them!

Other highlights during the trip: having a drink at Willie’s Cocktails, getting a Huge Ass Beer, Nicki and her dog getting a psychic reading (?), loving on the dog in general, meeting and hanging out with one of the Walking Dead Cast members, checking out the Carousel Bar, looking in on the Jazz National Historical Park and seeing some great live music!

Street cars are pretty important to NOLA.
Katie and me at the Carousel Bar. Photo taken by the Sidekick.
Dont’ be fooled. You can get damn near a 6 pack of beer in that Huge Ass Beer thing!
The pup had a GREAT time after….
…getting a psychic reading!
This place was very underwhelming….
…but Cafe Negril on Frenchman Street was kickin! Photos all by the Adventurer.
The gang plus Olivia (not her real name!) from the Walking Dead!
Three friends kickin it in the Big Easy!

Overall impressionsPros: Fun, relatively easy to get around, and many options for party type things, great food, great music! Cons: Lots of tourist trappy type things, I’m too old for this stuff, the Bourbon street smell is …not pleasant.

The Adventurer Final Word:
Four Stars! The trip itself was a fun one! I am not sure I will ever find myself in New Orleans ever again, but it was definitely worth stopping in, especially with some friends!

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