Where to Next?

(Obviously, since I have not been yet, none of these pictures are mine and were taken straight off of google search 🙂 )

June, 2022 Alaska Kenai Peninsula National Parks, Solo

Lake Clark, plan to fly to the little tiny town on the lake shore for a day!
Plan to hike Kenai Fjords a bit and also do a boat tour up close to the glaciers.

July 2022 Steamboat Springs, CO with the Sidekick

Sidekick and I are going out to Steamboat Springs for some volleyball in the Rockies!

June 2022: Bark Ranger and PA Mother roadtrip, TBA?

Fall 2022: Alaska, again, with the sidekick!

Fall colors and morning light on Denali in Denali National Park & Preserve,  Alaska. - PacificStock
Denali in the Fall! Sidekick and I are planning on seeing Denali with Fairbanks as a base!

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