Chattooga River Rafting, GA June 2018

Just outside of Clayton, GA on the GA/SC border lurks a whitewater enthusiast’s gem: The Chattooga River, filming site of the movie Deliverance and site of some of the best whitewater in the eastern part of the country. The Sidekick, myself, and one of our other friends spent a week in the Clayton, GA areaContinue reading “Chattooga River Rafting, GA June 2018”

Mammoth Cave National Park, KY. Dec. 2019

National Park Counter: 13 *I broke this one out of an early post. At the time it made sense to have this bundled with the Macy’s/NYC Trip, but I really think with how different they are, and especially with my National Parks goal that this one should be separate. As such, the national park counterContinue reading “Mammoth Cave National Park, KY. Dec. 2019”

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH. Apr 2021

National Parks Counter: 19 Hello Adventurers! Situated in a decidedly not “national parky” spot edging Akron and just 20 minutes or so south of Cleveland is a nice little piece of nature called Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is a park that has an unusual history! This whole area is settled and dotted with smallContinue reading “Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH. Apr 2021”

Arizona. Sonoma/Petrified Forest National Park/Saguaro National Park/Tucson/Mt. Lemmon. Mar, 2021

National Parks Counter: 17, 18 Trip number two of the 2021 year occurred in March. My Sidekick and I hopped on yet another Southwest flight out west! Our target this time: Arizona. Specifically we were planning on checking out Sedona for an afternoon en route to Holbrook, AZ which is the closest town to PetrifiedContinue reading “Arizona. Sonoma/Petrified Forest National Park/Saguaro National Park/Tucson/Mt. Lemmon. Mar, 2021”

Zion National Park, UT/Valley of Fire, NV. Feb, 2021.

National Parks Counter: 16 2021 LETS GO! I am going to start this blog off with something surely controversial to National Parks people. Zion is gorgeous, a wonder, and a must see. It is also underwhelming to its reputation and to put on top of a national parks list is silly to me. As ofContinue reading “Zion National Park, UT/Valley of Fire, NV. Feb, 2021.”

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Dog Road Trip. Nov, 2020

National Parks Counter: 15 My girl dog Bella did so well on the road trip to Columbus and Providence Canyon, GA that I decided to take her on a much longer trip just a week later! I was going to drive to see my mother for Thanksgiving with Bella. We took a roundabout trip throughContinue reading “Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Dog Road Trip. Nov, 2020”

Providence Canyon, GA Dog Road Trip November, 2020

I have not talked much about my pup..but here is a picture of my old girl Bella: She is an awesome dog, but she is up there in years. In that picture she is about 9 or 10 and she is now between 11 and 13. You wouldn’t really know it as she hasn’t reallyContinue reading “Providence Canyon, GA Dog Road Trip November, 2020”

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia/Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. September 2020

National Parks Counter: 14 Shenandoah National Park was actually a spot I was actively thinking about going to in March of 2020. I never quite got to the booking stage because our friend covid was starting to make a muck of things just before and I was holding off. It also sounded like March wasContinue reading “Shenandoah National Park, Virginia/Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. September 2020”

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, August 2020

Well now, we had a travel hiatus didn’t we! So my Sidekick’s Southwest companion pass was only good for 2019. I managed to snag the normal one from them early in 2020 just in time for the old pandemic. Great timing! So anyway, my Sidekick and I decided that the best course of action wasContinue reading “Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, August 2020”