Leaving on a jet plane (again, and hopefully?)!

Hey Adventurers! I am embarking on another trip this weekend! It’s gonna be a whirlwind solo trip! Leaving tomorrow morning, I arrive in El Paso around 10 AM. I really, really, really hope for no issues with Southwest this weekend as the trip really cannot be any shorter! I am hoping to stop by a brewery near the border and stop briefly at Chazimal National Memorial (might as well!) before heading off to White Sands. I plan on spending a small amount of time there, drive through the park, walk on some sand, check out the visitor center, and snap some pictures! Then I am off to Guadalupe Mountains. I have a reserved campsite for two nights. I am not yet sure of my path to get from White Sands to Guadalupe just yet. I kind want to go to Roswell, but it’s a little far. Also, my third stop is Carlsbad Caverns. Because of covid stuff the timing of that is not convenient at all. But those are my stops! If I do not go the Roswell direction Friday afternoon, then I will try to get in one shorter hike in at Guadalupe before the sun goes down. I am hoping to get a big hike in Saturday morning, head to the cave, and then maybe go to the town of Carlsbad to visit a brewery. Maybe an early sunrise hike on Sunday and back to El Paso for an early afternoon flight back to Tampa! Once I get around to the post trip post we’ll see how the planning for this super short trip went!

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I am on multiple journeys: A weightloss journey and a travel journey! Just trying to explore!

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