Hey there Adventurers! I haven’t even finished my Arches entry yet (that’s coming later today or tomorrow) and here I am on the verge of more cool shit! Next week I am getting on a plane and headed to the land of the midnight sun! (go here to read about my 2017 Alaska trip!) I don’t want to say this trip snuck up on me (I planned this one back in February after all!) but this is a big trip and I feel like the time has flown by!

Anyway, weather permitting my rough itinerary:
Day 1: Land in Anchorage, get rental car, stop at Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Get to Girdwood and check out the scene that evening and Girdwood Brewery Co.
Day 2: Boat tour to the Kenai Fjords National Park with Kenai Fjords Tours hang in Seward, Seward Brewing Co.
Day 3: Hike in the park/Seward area, check out the Alaska Sealife Center.
Day 4: Work my way back to Anchorage and explore some other parts of the Kenai, Cooper Landing Brewing Co and maaaaybe Kenai River Brewing Co, but it’s a bit far…and I also want to check out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
Day 5: Bush Plane ride with Lake Clark Air to Port Alsworth on Lake Clark.
Day 6: Hang around Anchorage all day, maybe do Flattop Peak, overlooking Anchorage midnight flight back to Florida!

The featured image is one of the NPS pictures of Lake Clark. Obviously, I havent been there so next time I post a Lake Clark picture it should be my own! Temps are looking like mid 60s/high 40s! Sunrise around 4.30 AM/Sunset about 11:30 PM. In Anchorage, even, the last night that got to Astronomical Night was May 6. The darkest I will have is the sun between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon before it starts coming up again!

I would like to quickly add that this was an expensive flight, (like $8-900) entirely free via my new handy Alaska Airlines Credit card. If anyone is interested in learning more, feel free to ask!

Lastly, I am planning on doing some mid-trip updates if I am in spots with working wifi! Be sure to check in later next week! And be looking for that Arches post very soon!

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I am on multiple journeys: A weightloss journey and a travel journey! Just trying to explore!

2 thoughts on “ALASKA BOUND!

  1. Sounds like a great trip. I’ve been to Midnight Sun Brewing, but if you can put in just another hour for Beerchasing while in Anchorage, I would strongly recommend that you stop in at Darwin’s Theory – one of the best dive bars I’ve been to in the eleven years since I started my idiosyncratic retirement hobby of reviewing bars and breweries. Perhaps I’m biased since Darwin is also an Oregon State University alum, but it has great character and the regulars are a hospitable and colorful bunch.

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