2022 Wrap Up Part 1! (Pinnacles National Park on tap!)

Hey Adventurers! This year really blew by! I feel like I wrote this same post not that long ago, but it was 11 months ago! This part 1 is just to share a new booking and provide a look at 2023 as I see it right now! Part 2 will be the rundown of my favorite moments and pictures from 2022!

I remembered a few days ago that I had a nice 150 dollar credit on my Alaska Airlines account expiring the first week of June. I also had 100 dollars in credit on my Southwest account so I got to brainstorming where I could go with only missing one day of work – no small challenge considering all the national parks left are out west or the couple logistically difficult ones in the upper midwest. Eventually I landed on a Thursday evening Southwest flight in February, getting into San Francisco before midnight to drive 2 hours in the morning to Pinnacles National Park. I will visit all day Friday and nearly all day Saturday before returning to San Fran for a beautiful 10 AM direct flight back to Tampa via Alaska Airlines. The out of pocket for the flights was only 100 bucks (and mostly because I upgraded the Alaska flight a bit!) and the rest of the trip looks on the cheaperish side! This is an Adventurer speciality, one of those ridiculously far away, but fast trips! If anyone has tips for Pinnacles drop them in the comments, or some general San Fran tips! I will probably arrange to be in San Fran 7 or 8 ish on a Saturday night, so give them to me!

So what is in store for 2023!? I am accompanying the Sidekick to Ixtapa, Mexico for a Volleyball Vacation in January. This is an exciting trip because it will be justmy second time out of the country ( I do not count a previous Niagara Falls, Canadian side, or a cruise ship stop in the Bahamas)! The Sidekick is a volleyball fanatic and she loves this kind of stuff! I drag her to enough outdoor hiking stuff that it will be nice to accompany her to something she really loves! Only 2 weeks later will be the Pinnacles trip. Next up the Sidekick and I are headed off to the Virgin Islands to check out St. Thomas, St. John, and the Virgin Islands National Park! That national park will officially be the last one of the eastern side of the US, unless you count the one hanging out in Lake Superior and the one in Northern Minnesota. This one is the middle of March. The 4th trip is not technically booked yet, but is imminent! The sidekick and I are looking at a “June in Juneau” trip! We are looking at a week or so. There is a national park in the vicinity, Glacier Bay…I always thought that would be the one I would have to cruise to, but there are ferry options out of Juneau. Whether there is time or not? I don’t know!

And in huge travel news! I was successful canceling my Southwest personal credit card and being re-approved for a new one with the huge SUB. I have to also do this with my business card, but there are not issues there and no rush either as of course, the first half of 2023 are already busy! But look out for some more great travel coming courtesy of Chase and Southwest! The Sidekick and I are already discussing a Pacific Northwest adventure in early July! Stay tuned!

And, lastly, the Bark Ranger facebook page has really taken off and is now well on its way to 1100 members! We are looking at some great ideas and expansion of the group in the near future! If you love dogs, and want to know where they can go and where to participate in a Bark Ranger program you should definitely join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1110565603061011.
Look for Part 2 soon with my best/favorite pictures of the year!

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