US Bark Rangers of the United States National Parks

Hey there Adventurer gang! I just want to provide an exciting update about BARK Ranger stuff! The official US Bark Rangers of the United States National Parks page now boasts over 1600 members with an average of 150 interactions every day! Super exciting stuff!

We are also selling a beautiful vinyl sticker of our logo!! Additionally, we are actively pursuing the development of other items in the near future as well! If you are interested you can drop a message in the comments, or you can check out our ebay page. We have two different sizes to choose from!

In case you are wondering: What is this Bark Ranger stuff? BARK is a set of expectations that humans and their dogs (and we have one very well traveled cat in our group!) should follow when experiencing the beautiful outdoors in our beloved national (and state) parks! Some of the parks even offer a “program” of sorts to earn a unique badge or certificate to prove Bark Ranger status! Our amazing group is composed of members who love taking their fur kids to the parks and promoting the program. One of our members even worked with Ninety Six National Historic Park in South Carolina to create their Bark Ranger program! Check it out here! I cannot imagine a more perfect expression of the mission of our group!

If you are a dog lover and a park lover, be sure you join our group! We would love to have you and your knowledge of dog friendly things for the areas you live in or have visited with your pups! The sidekick and I are planning a weekend trip the end of this month to take our girl dogs to Timucuan National Ecological and Historic Preserve near Jacksonville, FL, which has a Bark Program! We are hoping to bring some good first hand info to our group! Stay tuned for the post here for that trip!

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