Dog Sledding, Girdwood, AK, June 2017.

Video taken with my GoPro Hero Session 5.

Hey there fellow adventurers! This is another video post! This time the footage is coming from the dog sledding excursion I took with the Sidekick and our friend Katie a few years back. Check out the og Alaska post! As with anything Alaska, planning waaaaaay ahead of time is a necessity. Part of the trip took us to BEAUTIFUL Girdwood. The town is a ski town, down the Seward Highway (itself a spectacular drive) a bit from Anchorage. We actually had a private tour with Nicolas Petit, a perennial high finish Iditarod musher. This was hands down, probably one of the most awesome things I have ever done. The “tour” I guess? was awesome! There’s a several mile drive up the mountain to an area that is an abandoned gold mine. Nic Petit has a tiny little cabin up there and a spot for all the dogs. He leashed them up to a cart and away we went! AMAZING excursion! Check out the video! It’s a little on the long side, but well worth it! Visit to book!

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