Rafting the Royal Gorge, CO, 2018

Hey there fellow adventurers! It’s been a hot minute since my last post – full time job, side hustles…ugh. Anyway, the Sidekick and I are getting prepared to visit Acadia National Park in Maine this weekend! In the meantime, here is a new video I made of rafting the Royal Gorge Stretch of the Arkansas River in Colorado from June 2018! To check out the rest of this trip, click here!

I was in the raft with a couple friends on this trip. This was my 3rd rafting trip, and it followed up the very intense trip in did in GA just a few months before. This was not nearly as intense, though I did fall out….That being the case, rafting through the gorge is very impressive! Very neat spot, both naturally and also in the history of the area! Later on in the video you can even spot the Royal Gorge Bridge waaaaaay up above the us!

Published by parksadventurer

I am on multiple journeys: A weightloss journey and a travel journey! Just trying to explore!

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