Fun Alpine Coaster at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, CO

Hey there Adventurers! Here is a fun video of the Alpine Coaster at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, CO! I best most of you have not been on an alpine coaster! This is my first and so far only one! They are not common it seems! Basically, go to top of mountain. Put your seatbelt on. Push off. Finish at the bottom of mountain! Braking is optional and controlled by you. You are solely responsible for your own death. This park is really fun and lots of scary height stuff!

I left my go pro at the bottom of the mountain. So the phone it was!

This was a few years ago and I have been bit remiss on doing videos of some of my previous trips! Although this year has already been epic with trips to Maui, Utah, one trip to Alaska, and one more upcoming to Fairbanks there is nothing else currently on the horizon. I am looking forward to catching up on videos from some of my previous trips this fall! Thanks for reading and following! And please consider joining my new Facebook group, the Bark Rangers of the U.S. National Parks, we are over 500 members now!!!!

See you all soon!

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