Hey there Adventurers! I am super excited to be getting on a plane to Fairbanks, AK here in a few hours! The flight path is Tampa to Seattle (6 hours and change) and the Seattle to Fairbanks (3 hours and change). With a 1 am arrival.

This trip is a very unstructured one with the goal to be seeing the northern lights (the forecast for both lights and weather looks pretty great!) and hiking a great trail in Denali national park (and praying to see the mountain!) but here is the framework and things on the list to think about or do! Monday is all day in the Fairbanks area. Stops to include North Pole and Chena Hot Springs. Tuesday, depending on other things to do in Fairbanks, will entail driving to the airbnb in the wilderness outside of Healy, AK. Between then and Friday AM the plan is to do the Savage Alpine Hike in Denali, see some friends in a dinner theatre show, see the sled dog kennels in Denali, visit Talkeetna, 49th State Brewing, and head up the other side of the Hatcher Pass road! You might remember from my June trip that I went up the Hatcher Pass road, but from the opposite side until the road was closed! This time would be the other direction! Cool stuff! Friday is a back to Fairbanks day and hopefully a nice dinner and a visit to HooDoo Brewing before catching a 3 AM flight back to Tampa!

Stay tuned for some updates! Hopefully I will have some more amazing fall pictures! Thanks for following and if you have any suggestions, drop them below!!

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I am on multiple journeys: A weightloss journey and a travel journey! Just trying to explore!

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