Virgin Islands National Park St.John USVI. March 2023

National Park Count: 33NPS Unit Count: 61 (if you are wondering why it jumped a lot since the last entry…I realized during this post that I had been forgetting the “National Parks” in the NPS Unit count. So 61 it is! Hey there Adventurers! After a long hiatus the Sidekick was able to rejoin meContinue reading “Virgin Islands National Park St.John USVI. March 2023”

2023: Off to a Tropical Start!

Hey there Adventurers! I am still working on the recount of my latest Alaskan adventure! That one should be up in the next few days (hopefully)! In the meantime here are some updates! Our Bark Ranger page is taking off! We have over 800 dog and national park loving members at this time! If youContinue reading “2023: Off to a Tropical Start!”