2023: Off to a Tropical Start!

Hey there Adventurers! I am still working on the recount of my latest Alaskan adventure! That one should be up in the next few days (hopefully)! In the meantime here are some updates!

Our Bark Ranger page is taking off! We have over 800 dog and national park loving members at this time! If you want to check it out please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1110565603061011/ and join!

Now for travel stuff! In a rare change of pace (being from Florida and all), the sidekick and I have booked two trips south and (further) into the tropics! In January she is doing a volleyball tournament in Ixtapa, Mexico and I am tagging a long for a few days! This will be my first visit to our southern neighbor. And in March, we are headed to the U.S. Virgin Islands, specifically St. Thomas and St. John/Virgin Islands National Park. Looking like a couple days in the V.I. and one day in San Juan! If you have any suggestions drop them in the comments!

By the time March comes around it will be 6 months between National Park visits, and 9 months between new park visits….so stay tuned for something between now and March!

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I am on multiple journeys: A weightloss journey and a travel journey! Just trying to explore!

One thought on “2023: Off to a Tropical Start!

  1. Well Lenny and I are just a hop skip and a jump four hours from Ixtapa we spent some time in Zihuatanejo!
    But we will be in Fl in January
    spent some time in the British Virgin Islands you’ll love it in the Carribean lots of fun travel! Enjoy


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